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Broaden your view

When I look back on my attitude of dismissing the world views of others, I shudder at my total ignorance. For some reason when we begin to practice philosophies that seem right to us, we turn our noses up at the philosophies of others without hearing them out.

The world and the people in it have existed for multiple centuries and every culture has some practises that have stood the test of time and which have a certain wisdom if we would be open enough to understand thier origins.

You may not agree with every practice of another culture, religion or philosophy, however, it takes wisdom, a teachable heart, and maturity to desist from condemning such views without ever having learnt a few things about the origins of thier knowledge and practice .

Listening to another’s point of view or trying to understand it does not water down or disprove your own thoughts and views. What it does is give you insights into something new, and it broadens your views of the world which always leads to greater opportunities you might have otherwise missed.