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I have all the answers

You have to be wary of any individual or institution that claims “I have all the answers”.

Is it actually far fetched to say that? Well the statement is only true as far as the question that was asked. You could have ‘all’ the answers to a particular question asked, for instance 1 plus 1?
The answer is 2 in Decimal arithmetic, but it could be 1 or 0 in Boolean arithmetic. I don’t even want to think what it might be in advanced mathematics or in a different subject like philosophy.
So, I can claim to have all the answers to that question in that context of that field of study.

Answers are hidden everywhere in plain sight, yet they are camouflaged behind specific veils guarded by the right question. 
The answers you get will never be better than the questions you ask.
If you struggle to find the right answers, consider if you are asking the right questions.

The next time someone says, I have all the answers, please ask them if they had all the questions first.