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So who’s wrong?

When we make a decision about something there is a sense of ourselves that we put into it and we get precious about defending our position. Most people will not decide on what they thought was obviously wrong as no one likes to be wrong.

An interesting fact about human nature is that when we are told we are wrong, our natural inclination is to defend our position, even if the facts prove we are wrong, no one likes being told so.

If we are to be successful in life and relationships with other people, we must take two positions seriously. First, never make it your mission to prove another person to be wrong, there are better ways to engage with another so that they become aware of the error of thier position, but being blunt and adamant about thier mistake will only raise up a defensive attitude in them, just as you will also eagerly defend your position when approached that way.

Second position to take is to be quick to acknowledge when you are wrong. Don’t wait for the other person to point out your flaws, you point them out and show you understand why it could upset others, then be willing to apologise for your errors where it is required. This takes out the fight from the other person to prove thier point, and in fact they might end up showing understanding as to why anyone else could have made the same mistake.

Ditch the attitude of always being right and the other person being wrong. No one likes such a person and in reality we are never always right. Be more willing to doubt your position when you are challenged, and be more sympathetic to the other persons position when you pull them up. In both cases, you can resolve the situation for the right outcome and also win a relationship in the process.