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Bring out what’s stuck

Have you ever had the misfortune of getting a thorn or a tiny broken piece of glass stuck in the sole of your foot? It is very uncomfortable and will make you give up your decorum as you try to get it out. That discomfort makes us lose a sense of self-consciousness and we block out every opinion criticising our wincing to remove the cause of our pain – the object that is not meant to remain in our body.

Sometimes, I think that the gifts, talents, abilities, and purpose that is embedded somewhere in our souls is like the thorn in our foot, for the simple reason that it is causing a great discomfort, and it is not meant to be hidden away in us but to be brought out and used to serve the world around us.

Some people work in a place that they really hate and would rather be doing something that they are passionate about, however, they keep enduring the pain of what is crying to find expression in thier lives. They are too mindful of what others would think of them if they get all bent out of shape to express thier gifting. No wonder they are so angry and frustrated with everything.

At some point, we have to stop and sit down in the middle of everything going on around us, then reach deep down in ourselves as we begin to bring out what lies within us so we are relieved from having abilities stuck on the inside that have never found expression.

Finally, don’t let the situations you are stuck in to prevent you from bringing out what is stuck in you.