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The mystery of perfection

One of the things I found from the educational system is that we have been trained to think in terms of ideal circumstances. The subject always taught, and we were always tested, on what the best answer should be.

It is great to have ideals and standards that we stick to, yet the problem of life is that there are so many circumstances that are not ideal. I guess the educational system knows this, but it would take too much time to begin to explore the various options and outcomes that a subject could possess, so we just stick to teaching the ideal and somehow paint a picture of perfect that everyone should strive to.

This is the mystery of perfection, we can never achieve it and will always work hard to come as close to it as possible before it evades us. That is the hard fact about the cosmos in which we live.

In order to gain the best of perfection in this flawed world inhabited by flawed people, we must view perfection as a compass and not a destination. We will never arrive at perfection, but with it as our guide, we will get to where we need to be, and we will never be lost.

It is critical to pass this understanding on to the next generation in any area or topic of consideration. It’s ok to build on what others have done, it’s ok to do our best to improve, it’s ok to have progress over perfection as we build the best we can in an imperfect world.