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When less is more

There is a vegetable commonly eaten in West Africa which is known to have many medicinal benefits (Antioxidative and Chemopreventive). It is called the bitter leaf because of its bitter taste.

To prepare this vegetable for consumption, the bitterness has to be washed out, until almost completely gone, then it can be used in making soups and stews. In order to enjoy the bitter leaf as a meal, less is definitely more.

I learnt early as a child that the volume of my voice was particularly loud and it was always pointed out to me. I never understood the objections and just thought people were trying to shut me up. When I came to realise that people responded to me better when I lowered my voice, I started practicing how to speak more quietly. Less proved to be more.

What do you have a lot of in terms of attitude, character, possessions, etc? What do you need to tone down? What can you get rid of to make you a more efficient and productive person? This is not at all suggesting to get rid of strengths or play them down, it is however encouraging you to understand what you have and how best to serve it in a way that it can be received to the benefit of others.