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Getting help

One thing I have come to realise is that getting help is not the same as giving up control of the outcome you had in mind when you asked for help.

The dilemma of people taking over your case and doing anything they like with it because they are helping you, has been a major reason why a number of people would rather suffer in one way or the other than seek for a helping hand.

Maturity teaches us that no man is an island and we would all need the assistance of another at some point to get things done effectively. However, you will always be the owner of your life and the things that are your responsibility. If you asked friends to help you with redecorating your home for instance, you wouldn’t accept them doing a shoddy job or painting your walls with a colour of their choice just because they were helping you. The responsibility for the outcome is still yours.

Always be clear on your terms of engagement when you ask for help, and ensure that you are not giving up control of your responsibility and accepting anything on the whims of the one helping you.