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Bringing all together

If you’ve ever had to give a speech, you realise the importance of bringing all your thoughts together so it all makes sense and gets the point across.
Having to run pretty much anything else in life is no different.

Think about the last meal you had to prepare, or a wedding, a holiday, a grocery shopping trip, a birthday party, a ball game, and the list could go on. Depending on what event it is, there is a range of complexity that needs some form of coordination to be able to arrive at a reasonable output for what has been intended.

Coordination is the organisation of different elements of a complex activity to enable or bring them together to work effectively. Companies pay thousands to hire people with the right skillset to coordinate their projects. There is nothing more frustrating than having all the right people and the right resources but not achieving the right results.

Think about the conductor in an orchestra or the director of a movie, they don’t seem to be doing any of the music or acting, but without them the production is at risk of becoming a disaster.

Resources, time, cost, scope, logistics, etc. all have to be planned effectively to turn out a result. Never underestimate the value of the ones that can bring it all together.