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Do it again!

“Do it again!” She blurted out. I can’t recall what number time it was I had written the words between the guided lines in my note book, yet I still had to do it again on the instruction of my primary school teacher.
Can you remember an instance when that teacher, instructor, parent or boss who you felt delighted in your pain made you do that task over and over again?

Thomas Edison believed that he would not find the best way to do something without discovering the many ways to not do it. He had no problem with doing it again so much so that he tried 10,000 times before he finally succeeded with the invention of a light bulb.
Repetition is the best way we learn, not only to get things right, but also to recognise the wrong way and quickly avoid it. 

Some of the greatest sports personalities will tell you stories of practising a style of play hundreds of times.
English footballer David Beckham said “’I must have taken tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands [of free kicks]…When my dad got home from work, we would go over to the goalposts together. He would stand between me and the goal, forcing me to bend the ball around him. People looking on must have thought we were mad. We kept going even when the sun had gone down, playing by the light coming out of the windows of the houses that surrounded the park.”

Look at where he is today facilitated by his track record of doing it again.

I am sure there are a few things you need to go and do again.