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It’s only a starting point

Knowledge is always progressive and most that have got to the pinnacle of success in thier fields would say that they realised that the more they got to know, the more they realised how much they did not know.

Whatever we know today is always going to be a starting point for something better. History is replete with stories of people who thought what they knew was the standard for the foreseeable future, however, others took thier knowledge to the next level. Some actually thought that cars would never catch on because the horse and cart was the ultimate transportation set up.

So, whenever you meet an expert in any field, rather than get intimidated by what they have to say, learn what you can with the understanding that all they know is just the starting point for something better.

When faced with dire situations and people proffer advice on the best way to get out of it, again, be conscious that all they know is just a starting point. Don’t let expert advice become the legitimacy for not seeking to improve.

I will advice that you get the knowledge available now, for if you don’t, you have not even come to the starting line to commence your race. When you get that knowledge, don’t confuse it for the finishing line when in fact it is just the starting line.