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Showing up when unseen

We usually strive to put our best foot forward and show up in a big way when we are to stand before a sizeable audience. Sometimes it goes really well, and at other times, not so great.

The real secret to showing up and outperforming every single time is to form a habit of showing up even when no one is watching.

Nature teaches us that the sun always comes out consistently every single day, whether it feels like or not. Sometimes, it is blocked out from its audience on the earth by great storm clouds which could hide it for days, yet it shows up with the same passion and strength even when it is unseen, because it knows that when the clouds clear, it will be laid bare before every watching eye.

You have to practice showing up when you feel like and when you don’t. Show up for yourself when you are by yourself, show up for your family when you are at home, show up for your colleagues when you are at work, show up for your community when you are out and about town.

Whatever you do, show up when you are unseen because you will have many days where no one is looking to you. There is no better use of your time then than in preparing yourself, learning, honing skills, building character, fostering a positive self image and polishing the best version of you to reveal to the world.