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Better than I thought

So it’s the second day that we have all had to stay at home because of the current pandemic, parents and 3 children all under 8 years old.
We had to explain to the children that we may be home for a while and asked for their cooperation to make it easy for all of us.
There have been a few rough edges in the last 48 hours, but to be honest it has gone so much better than I thought it would.

My wife and I have a strange new optimism about the whole situation. We are taking each day as it comes. We are thankful for being with family. We are helping our kids with their work and getting closer to them and understanding them better. We are planning our household in more thoughtful ways. We are writing up business plans for projects that have been on hold. We are developing ourselves by reading new information. We are excersing together as a family. We are getting a lot of chores done that have been outstanding for too long. We are reaching out to extended family and friends and checking on them. We are reflecting deeply about life and what’s important.

Our hope and prayer is that this whole situation will not break us, our communities, our nations and our world, and that as we all play our part, things will turn out better than we thought.