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Position yourself

There are many quotes about the wisdom of starting all over when things have gone badly wrong. It takes strength, courage and character to go back to the drawing board. Sometimes, what is recreated is a lot better than what initially existed. 

Even though this may be true, it is likely that one may have gone through several cycles of a restart and come out with a pretty good position in life. At this point the lesson of starting over is well known, so rather than go through that cycle again, one must develop a strong commitment to protecting the growth and achievements attained. 

Remember the proverbial thief that came in the night? If the householder knew when he would come, he would have prepared himself against an invasion. So, instead of anticipating when the thief will come, why not just live prepared, live ready. 

In business circles, there is a lot of talk about risk and how to mitigate it. Companies ask, “what do we do to hold our position of service if things go wrong?” These are the types of establishments that you hear are holding their market share – they are holding their position in the market place.

Your life is worth more than any business venture, so what are the risks that you may be exposed to which could bring you down, and how do you mitigate them? Answering these questions helps you to maintain and protect the position you have attained and reduce the possibility of losing it overnight. 

There is a lesson to be learnt from the tree. It stands in its position, holding on to the ground with its roots and passing through all kinds of adverse weather. Even though it looks like it is going nowhere fast, that tree knows it has found good ground and is growing somewhere slowly but surely. The plant that creeps everywhere is nowhere to be found after 100 years, while the tree becomes the landmark in that same place. 

Hold on to observation, contemplation, conversation, relation, action and position.