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Keep a good attitude

I thought to myself the other day how unfair life may seem at times. We were taught to say please and thank you, and generally to be polite to others we encounter.
I began to question these rules because it didn’t seem to apply to those who were ‘rich and successful’ as somehow they seemed to be excused for their behaviour, even when they had a bad attitude.

Upon deeper reflection and study, you will find that those so-called ‘rich and successful’ people with a bad attitude are in the minority. When someone of a certain class or race does something offensive it is easy to quickly condemn the whole group, but that should not be the case.

I know a very wealthy gentleman who told me, you have to be careful of how you treat people on the way up, so that when you come down, they will treat you right also. He realised that no condition is permanent and there could be moments of fluctuations in ones life, business and career. The most important investment, is the investment in people and you can’t really do that with a bad attitude. 

I am sure you have heard of some wealthy persons recently who got exposed for one thing or the other and then the stories of their dealings with others around them came out, immediately you realise they had a bad attitude, then you also know that with this exposure they are likely to not recover from it as they are now reaping what they sowed. 

Whatever you go through, keep a good attitude, treat people with respect, treat people right. You will be sowing seeds that will come back to you in a harvest that ensures you are treated right when you need it most.