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40+FAB Blog

My 6 year old son wore one of my large shirts today and he was quite excited to say “I have no arms!” as he went about the house with his arms concealed under the shirt. It made me think how we hide abilities that we have to appear as something we are not.

In some of the circles I grew up in, sometimes you were made fun of for being to bright or too good, and so one had to pretend in order to fit in. Too many people are stuck in relationships where they are pulling back on who they truly are so that they do not lose the partner they are trying so desperately to please.

We may feel like we have achieved our purpose when we fit in by acting as less than who we are, but there will always be a sense of loss and a niggling feeling of knowing that you are more than this.

Another thing that happens is we are sometimes unaware of our true protentional because it is hidden somewhere within us and it usually takes a good friend or encourager to point it out.

Whatever the case, we should always strive to know, understand and use our gifts. Imagine having arms and not being able to use them, the ability to do something with the gifts we have leads to ultimate fulfilment in life. Lets do all we can to be all we can so we can live all we can.