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Have you ever bought something from a store that had a no return policy? It can be the most frustrating thing when you realise what you purchased had a slight defect or was not the right size, yet when you try to return it, the shop refuses to take it back or exchange it.

The same is kind of true in life, when we are born, there is no way of going back into the womb to change the size of our forehead for instance. Whatever the hand we have been dealt in life, it is not always wise to seek how to change it, we should rather seek how best to work with it to become successful.

When we are pushed out of what we consider normal, we fight as hard as we can to go back to normal. But could we have been pushed into a new season with opportunities to grow just like a new born baby?

Sometimes, there is just no way back to what we consider normal and so we must roll with the punches life throws at us, making the best of where we find ourselves while putting all our energies into making it ideal, rather than fighting to go back to what we consider normal.