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Home advantage

The home is the first place where we become aware of ourselves and others who live with us. It is sort of a launching pad from which we are pushed out into the wider world.

When it works well, the home could be the most beautiful place to be, holding the fondest memories of our lives. When it doesn’t, it could be the source of our worst fears and nightmares.

The home teaches us to love, learn, trust, communicate, negotiate, fight, affirm ourselves, understand politics, cope with disappointments, deal with dysfunction, cope with adversity and much more.

A good home is not necessarily a fairy-tale setting, but a safe environment that prepares us to be champions in the real world. A bad home could be crippling, and while not ideal, there are many who have learnt how to overcome in life through those painful experiences.

Whatever your home is like, strive to make it better, and never lose out on the ability to convert your experiences there into a ‘home advantage’.