40 Things I Learnt By 40

Create the mood

Moods are funny things, they are a reflection of the way we are feeling. That feeling has a huge impact on the way we will perform in whatever thing we have to do.

Have you ever been accused of being moody? I have at different stages of my life. As a child they told me I complained too much, my aunty used to call me the commissioner of complaint. I kind of liked the title because at least I was a commissioner, LOL. Over the years I have lived through good moods, bad moods, anxious moods, sad moods, happy moods, angry moods and so on. And then, there are the mood swings. Just like a roller coaster ride they take you up and down, round and round and from side to side.


So what on earth does one do about their moods? I always thought that moods were all powerful and when they were triggered by some event, then just like a pack of stacked cards everything in me would fall under the sway of that mood. Well I am glad my thinking was wrong!


Bob Marley sang a song with the opening lyrics “Turn your lights down low…” he was singing about creating another kind of mood. Men trying to grasp the attention of the opposite sex always want to do things that create the right mood; purposefully taking actions to design a certain kind of atmosphere. I can also think of people that do irritating things almost purposefully to get on one’s nerves.

I find that apart from random things happening to bring a mood on, people can also take action to influence a mood too.

I have learnt that instead of falling prey to the moods that come due to circumstances, or the devices of other people, I can create my own moods.


Here are a few simple ways I have done this:

Talking to myself – especially when I feel fearful and discouraged. I talk myself out of that negative feeling.

Singing – even though I don’t have a great voice, I can sing like a maestro in the shower. A good song moves me into the atmosphere of the lyrics of that song.

Dancing – this is a great mood lifter. Recently my son started requesting for my wife and I to dance with him. We would hold hands and do the ringa ringa roses, LOL! What an awesome feeling.

Praying – calling on the almighty one in time of difficulty brings hope in the place of despair

Walking – I take a good long walk and it has a way of unwinding the pent up frustrations on my mind.

Sharing – the act of taking what you have and giving part of it to another in need lifts up the soul to tremendous heights.

Shouting – find somewhere to go and have a good shout for no reason. E.g. like watching a football game.

Playing a game – there are all kinds of games to play, but I find that physical games with other people are the best.


I must however point out that when you try to change from one mood to another, especially from a bad one to a good one, everything in you tends to feel awkward, like you are pretending to bring on something that is not real. Well you have to ignore that thinking because if you don’t give in to it, suddenly your mood will change and you will truly be swinging in a pretty good mood.


Sports persons know this; they have to maintain a positive attitude even when they are losing a game. They employ psychologists that work with them to train them on managing their moods. Once their moods are under control, then their performance can be optimized.

I have decided will not allow foul moods to hold me back from performing at my best. I can manage my moods and sway them rather than letting them sway me.