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I’m not a bad person

It’s amazing how children are quick to label others as bad when they learn the concept of being good or bad. If you have been around children, you would be used to conversations where you have been brought in as an arbitrator, similar to the ones I have with my sons. “Daddy, my brother is bad.” When I ask why, the answer would be, “He did not allow me to play with his computer game”.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been labelled as the bad person because someone didn’t like your style or way of doing things? Or, maybe they just had a difference of opinion with you over an issue. Maybe you are actually the one who has labelled others as bad due to similar reasons.

It takes maturity to not brand people we don’t agree with as bad, and it is something that we must constantly remind ourselves about. Differences with others is not a disaster, in fact, it helps us to consider things we never would have and subsequently come up with a more robust approach to handling life.

Resist the temptation to quickly stereotype others knowing that you also are not a bad person for the different views that you hold.