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When you own it

If you have ever gone from being an employee to an entrepreneur, you will be aware of the difference between what you consider to be someone else’s and what is yours. In a job, you can choose to switch off at your contractual end of day time. In your own venture however, there is a tendency to work almost at all hours around the clock.

The key thing in both scenarios is not whether you are employed by someone else or employed by yourself, it is all about how you see your ownership of what you are doing. It is a great attitude to always own what has been given to you to do. This is a great secret of progress because the level of care and attention you give to what you own will ensure you give it your best effort.

When you constantly give your best, people are bound to take notice whether it is your employers or your customers. Committed excellent service will always lead to a promotion in one way or another. Try taking this approach of owning things no matter how small and see what difference it makes.