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Who is leading you?

I just love the story of Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who came to life and was given the opportunity to make choices that would either make him better or worse off. He was given a conscience in the person of Jimmy the cricket to advise him on the right thing to do.

Have you noticed that there are always two voices in your head? On tells you to do it the right way, while the other encourages you to do it the way you feel, even if that is the wrong way. The image that comes to mind is one of two beings sitting on each shoulder, one is an angel and the other a devil.

So, the question is which of these voices do you allow to lead you? It is tough to listen to the right voice, but doing so is what builds strength of character. There is no strength gained without working against a resistance like weights. The wrong voice however is the path of least resistance and always guarantees immediate gratification, but it hides consequences that could be quite damning.

Pinocchio went through his inner battle between listening to the voice of Jimmy the cricket, who told him what was right, or to listen to the voice of the devious honest John who led him to what seemed like fun but got him trapped and destined for doom. He eventually got a second chance to do the right thing and his story ended on a high note.

No matter how long or how much you have allowed yourself to be led by the wrong motives and desire, there is always a chance to access a turning point in your life. You can make the switch and allow the right voice to lead you most of the time.