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Stuck watching others

As a child, I remember watching an advert for a soap called Joy, which featured a woman walking through town and all the men who saw her were so fixed on her that they lost track of where they were going, some walked into lamp posts or rode into the hedges on their bicycles. I thought to myself, this soap must be very attractive, Lol!

Just as those men were side tracked and run off course or got stuck where they didn’t intend to be, we also can get stuck watching others, whether it is those we really admire, those we dislike and want to criticise or those we are jealous of. Be it in real life, or any form of media like TV, social media, websites, printed media etc, we can get stuck watching others.

We can’t avoid watching others, but we can avoid getting stuck. If you are watching those you admire, learn what you need to from them or appreciate what it is you see, then move on. If you are watching those you dislike, remember that you cannot fully judge another until you have walked in thier shoes, so learn to consider thier perspective and then move on. Finally if you are watching the one you are jealous of, remember that every single person is unique, and another’s shine, no matter how bright, is able to take away your light from the darkness you light up.

You have a life to fulfil, don’t spend the better part of it stuck on watching others.