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Be kind to yourself

Some research has shown that of those who had to perform a task or series of tasks daily over a long period of time, the ones most likely to successfully complete the actions required were those who were kind to themselves when they missed out on a day or two of following through on their daily task.

As much as we should be tough on ourselves and stamp out laziness and indeed every vice that limits our effectiveness in life, we have to balance it out with a genuine care and kindness towards ourselves. After all, we are human, fallible, mortal and sometimes inadequate.

Recognising that we can fail, and when we do not beating ourselves up for it is an awesome perspective to have and it somehow frees us to do even better as we know that we are in our own corner rooting for ourselves, and that personal support will do wonders for us to achieve even greater success. As a wise teacher once said, self care is not selfish, so do be kind and caring towards yourself.