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Turn negativity around

Back in the day when pictures were physical, the film used in cameras to capture those pictures were made of a plastic strip coated in a chemical that reacted to light. The first step to getting a printed picture was to turn the film into a processed strip called a negative. Once it was processed, that film strip was set and unable to capture anything else when exposed to light.

The negative inverted everything in the snapshot, so if the scene had a white snow field, the negative would depict a black field. Black hair would appear as white, and every other shade of colour would be depicted as it’s opposite.

Negatives are normally used to make positive prints (the final picture) on photographic paper by projecting the negative onto the paper with a photographic enlarger. One negative could be used to produce thousands of positive prints by the Photo Developer.

Isn’t it funny how we can be in the midst of opportunities and possibilities yet our reaction to them results in negatives. The problem we have sometimes is that we don’t give enough attention to the negatives that we have captured to isolate them and work on them to counteract every negative thought with a positive one. Instead we either deny or ignore our negatives and so they persist.

For every no you believe, there is a big yes waiting. For every closed door, there is an open door beckoning. For every disappointment, there is a glorious appointment around the corner. For every fear, there is assurance. For every despair, there is hope.

Don’t allow negatives to remain unnoticed and hide quietly in your mind. Be like the Photo Developer and isolate them, then make them spew out all the positive images they have swallowed up.