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No pressure to be normal

Does normal actually exist? About 200 years ago, it was normal in certain countries to be fully clothed in public, even at a beach. It would have been totally out of place to step out of your house in a shirt and a pair of shorts. You would have been considered ‘naked’ and probably lunatic too.

Normal is the standard that we all accept as a society. Sometimes the right thing is not considered to be normal, and the wrong thing can be embraced as being normal.

What is more important is for us to live in accordance with values that we consider to be right and as best as possible within the laws of the land. We should not allow pressure to make us conform to what is ‘normal’ if it doesn’t best fit in with our own unique situation.

Remember that a number of people who changed the world did not allow what was normal to stop them from living in a way that best suited thier circumstances, and how they lived ended up forming a part of what we all now accept as normal.