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May you choose the right battle

Like most people, I love to listen to a good story and to tell one also.

The best stories are those having a hero and all the challenges they went through.

One thing which endears us to the hero is what they overcame, this means they would have had some form of a conflict, fight or battle to engage in.

It was what battle the hero chose to fight that made them stand out from the other characters.

However, winning in that battle was not always everything. Sometimes the side they chose to fight for was more important. History teaches us of heroes who lost their battle and even their lives, but we celebrate them today for what they stood for and the bravery to stand against oppression.

As you look at heroes in stories you love, be inspired and know that you are the hero of your own life and story.

Are you choosing the right battles? Are you on the right side?

Only you can answer and be satisfied with yourself that what you choose to stand for is good. This ultimately decides everything.