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Do it now!

There are many things we will never get a second chance to do. Do you know that if you missed the opportunity to tell a loved one how special they are to you at exactly 6 am on the 6th of May 2021, you would have missed that moment forever?

Is it because there is anything magical about that date or time? absolutely not. Or, is it because you will never have a different occasion to show your appreciation to them? Again, the answer is no. So what exactly is the thought here?

You only have one life to live, and in case no one never told you, it is not a practice run. Your life is happening right now! ‘Do it now’ is a call to live ready. It is an attitude that takes responsibility to respond to life as it happens.

Do it now people therefore become winners in life, not because they are any better than anyone else, but because they take the opportunity to be first responders to life’s events, and thus they get rewarded for it. They say thank you, I love you, excuse me, I have a question, I volunteer, I can help. They try new things, walk with a spring in thier step, tackle the difficult tasks until done, practice being present, spend time planning, invest in learning and growing, etc.

Give yourself a challenge, and for the next one week, flood your mind with the mantra “Do it now”, and practice responding to all of life’s little events as soon as they happen.