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You may have heard the saying, “You are either going through trouble, have just come out of it, or about to enter into it”. Whichever it is, we have come to know that life moves in the never-ending cycle of ups and downs. Once we conquer our mountains, we must come down to the valley where life continues, as we pass through to get to our next mountain.

We must not forget that the mountain top does not last forever, so any lessons we learnt on the way up, and all we see when we get up, must be kept diligently as we would certainly need to use them again.

Serial entrepreneurs build businesses and when they are profitable, some will sell off that business and look for the next venture to pour themselves into. This means starting from scratch on something new, and the challenge is to again take that business to the mountaintop.

We can learn from such people that going down is never a bad thing and it is part of the process to start the journey to the next mountaintop. Two people may seem to be exactly at the same level, but it does not mean that they will end up in the same place.

Study this cycle of life with greater attention and make these laws work to your advantage. May the outcome of your life have had more time and experiences on the up than you had to endure on the down.