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Make up your mind

Have you ever been told to make up your mind about something? Usually the one asking has a sense of urgency and possibly irritation as they try to get you to move forward on the issue at hand.

Most husbands should be able to identify with the tension involved in this scenario especially from the experience of having to wait for their wives to put on makeup. She spends time applying the colours and glosses that highlight the features of her beauty or hides the blemishes that detract them. Once she is finished, if she has done a good job, her erstwhile frustrated husband breaks into a gasp and quickly compliments her adornment.

Our minds should be no different as we cannot escape from airing them in public. We will have to, at some point, allow others to see what we are thinking, and invariably who we are. If that is the case, then we must spend time to master the skill of making up our minds so that we display the beauty of our thinking.

If we make it a habit of attending daily to our mind, treating it right, declogging the negative emotions and focussing on the positive ones. If we keep learning, improving and growing, we will have a mind that shows up in all its beauty. We will not have to rely on pretentious masks taking us nowhere, but we will simply and effectively make up our minds resulting in outcomes that take us to our place of fulfilment.