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There is a simple principle in the discipline of project management that involves the arrangement of every task that needs to be accomplished on a timeline. The project manager constantly watches the timeline to ensure what is expected at a defined time is delivered. Quite often, things can slip, but because they are tracked, more often than not, they eventually get completed.

Our lives should be managed no differently. The one thing we all have been given is time, and the more effective we are at looking at what time we have while arranging what we hope to accomplish on our timeline, the more likely we are to succeed.

It is indeed true that no one knows tomorrow, but we do know that tomorrow will be 24 hours and if we are blessed to see it, then we have been given the opportunity to work on what is scheduled on the timeline. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. These patterns do not change and they will yield to us what we planned and expected of them.

Are there likely to be events that throw us off course? Absolutely, but as long as you pick up all your plans and put them back on the timeline, you are guaranteed to win as you reconfigure the timeline and continue from where you are now.

Your dream home is on the other side of that course of study, that sits before the junior role at the fortune 500 company, which also precedes your several promotions off the back of all the hard work and continuous development you took on that got you to become a director at the company. It took a few years, but you always had a sketch of it on your timeline and followed it as best as you could.

There may be several other things that are on your timeline, but as you logically fit them in their proper place, it may take you longer to accomplish that goal, but you will accomplish it if you continue pressing on. Think about it, everything we want to see manifest in our lives is on a timeline. We need to fix them in their proper place and take all the right steps to finally arrive at the state we have desired.