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Hide and seek

It’s funny when I play hide and seek with my children, as I observe that the oldest one is quite good at hiding, while the youngest one either hides in plain sight, or can’t stop giggling when she’s found a good hiding place. I most times play along and pretend like I cannot find her.

The more experience and practice we get at anything in life, the better we become at it. When we eventually become experts, we can so easily see those that are good, those improving, and those struggling with it.

I know there is always the temptation to try and cover our tracks or hide away when we are not sure, or when we make a mistake, but think about it this way, if you are working with an expert who knows the job really well, they will spot your inadequacies a mile off.

If you are in that situation, the best thing to do is to come out and admit you don’t know, then humble yourself to learn. Go up to the expert and ask, you will find most times that they will be more than happy to teach you the tricks of the trade. It is quite foolish to try and hide because just like I am able to spot my youngest child hiding from me, so an expert is able to spot when the unskilled is trying to hide their inadequacies.