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It’s gonna make sense

In my initial years of learning, typically in formal education, not everything made sense to me and I always found out what was important to know for the sake of getting good enough grades on my tests. Some subjects did not seem to have any order or structure to them and even though the teacher said it would make sense, it never did.

In recent years, I have come to realise that if you find a really good instructor in any subject, you must trust the process they take you through to reap the benefits of what they know. I have had the opportunity to improve my reading speed, ability to memorise and recall things, guitar playing skills and my physical fitness, from various programmes I enrolled on.

At first what was taught was very rudimentary and repetitive, but over a few weeks it unlocked abilities I never knew I was capable of. This got me to trust the process even more, and by the end of each programme, I could see so clearly why the classes were taught the way they were. It was the height of mastery, not just of the knowledge, but of the practice of the subject that the instructors were able to bring.

There is nothing as worthwhile as learning from the very best. If you want to get to the top of your game in any area, invest the time and effort to sit at the feet of the masters. There is a reason why they are where they are, there is a proven method that has taken them there. If you let them take you on that journey, your chances to succeed greatly increase. It may not make sense as you begin, but just learn to trust the process and soon you will see the brilliance of their tutelage working for you.