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Stir yourself up

Have you ever watched a peacock spread out its lovely tail? The male peacock carries behind it a bunch of feathers neatly folded behind it like any other bird. But just like a folded paper fan, the peacock is able to spread out its feathers into a glorious display.

You will notice that the bird needs to shake itself to get those feathers erect from their normally dormant state. It takes effort on the part of the peacock to complete its transformation and become the centre of attention.

Just like the peacock, we all carry special gifts, but they are mostly in a dormant state. We must stir ourselves up to allow those gifts come out and show up, transforming us from the ordinary into a masterpiece worth admiration.

Stir yourself up today and shake off discouragement, despondency, negative thinking, reticence and all reluctance to show up. Bring out a smile with your skills, innovation, optimism, enthusiasm, hard work and the desire to succeed. Remember what makes you look as impressive as the peacock is all in you, shake it out!