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When light comes

When light comes, it reveals all things that before its coming could not be seen. The greatest source of natural light, the sun, teaches us that light shows up slowly, giving us the chance to wake up from our slumber and dress up to show up in the way we would want to be seen.

Light also signifies enlightenment, knowledge or understanding of how the world around us works. Again, enlightenment is a process which starts slowly, taking us from a place of ignorance to prevalence over our circumstance.

If one does not respond to the light when it comes, making the necessary changes that it enables us to, then there is a tendency that it will reveal our nakedness of the night, leading to shame. However, if we work steadily with the light, making the improvements and changes that we should, then it will reveal preparedness leading to honour.

Take for instance one starting out at school, or a new job, or business, or marriage. The ‘start up’ has much to learn and is somewhat at the beginning of thier day where the light is rising slowly. They soon begin to increase thier knowledge and have opportunities to change and grow as the day wears on. After a good while, demands will be placed on the start up to perform, not on the fringes, but in the arena where all can see in the brightness of thier light. The day of the examination, or the performance review, or the overwhelming demand of customers, or the challenges of relationships, is likely to reveal what the start up is made of.

When the light comes, what will you do? When the light shines bright, will you be ready? Have you been shown up for better or worse? Whatever has happened in the past is past, for just like the day moves from dawn till dusk, so you will have the opportunity for that light to come again, rising slowly and giving you the opportunity to be ready when next it shows you up.