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Figure it out yourself

When we hear the advise about doing it yourself, we have a picture of someone who has strived to be self-made. They figured it out themselves and came up with a strategy to be so successful all by thier own efforts.

That is a skewed picture because everything everyone has ever achieved has been a product of years of help they received from others. Doing it yourself or figuring it out yourself is not a call to rebuff help and guidance from others, it is however a call to put into personal practice what you have learnt.

No matter how good a teacher is or how well a principle has been explained, the student will never really grasp it and produce with it if they do not process it in thier own mind, being able to effectively explain it thier own way, and put it into practice to produce similar results.

Figuring it out yourself is about taking responsibility for yourself to apply what you have been taught. As the saying goes, you can take a horse to the stream but you cant force it to drink!