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One secret to change everything

I am sure you are well captivated by the title and can’t wait to find out this one little secret. The reality is, if the secret could be explained in just one thing, then all those who possessed it would have changed everything by now.

It is a bit naïve and short sighted to talk about the one thing that you need to repair everything about you and your life. It would just be as ridiculous as trying to describe the meaning of life in just one sentence.

The way we change, and the way things change, is by one improvement at a time. So, the one secret is always a seasonal one, and when it has served its purpose, then you need the next secret and so on. You may have to apply a thousand little secrets before everything changes for you.

Most of us would give up now if we knew that there were over a thousand steps to take for the improvements we most desired. Thus comes in the one thing. We only need one thing at one time to move one step forward. Focus on the one thing that you need most right now, and because you know this secret, you will quickly locate the next thing and so on, until everything changes.