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You’re not the only one

One of the the thoughts that make what we are going through a lot harder to bear is this, “I am the only one going through this”. Nothing can be further from the truth for several reasons.

If you are fortunate to have a few people close to you who care for you, then what you are going through becomes a problem for them also. Take the case of a couple where one partner develops a long term illness that affects thier mobility. As much as the husband is the one with the problem, the wife is severely impacted by that problem. If there are children, then thier lives too will have the shadow of thier dad’s illness cast over it. Our own situations may not be as dramatic as this one described, but the principles hold true.

The other thing is that statistically, out of about 7 billion people all over this planet, there is at least one or two other persons who are struggling with a very similar problem to the one you have. So, before you succumb the the depression that a life challenge could throw up, consider that this is not just your problem, and as they say, a problem shared is a problem half solved.

In light of this, it is actually selfish to think that a problem is all yours. Yes you have the primary responsibility for it, but you are not the only one involved.