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Didn’t ask to be born

I watched two movies over the weekend and they were very different, one was a science fiction, and the other was a drama. But one thing stood out to me from both of them, a child was being accused by thier care giver of being such a useless child.

It hit me really hard as I tried to comprehend how a child could be branded as having failed at knowing the right things to do without the full consent of thier care givers implicitly or openly. I don’t believe that a child should ever be blamed for how they are turning out. Children are certainly a product of what thier parents or caregivers have been able to invest in them to get them onto the right path in life.

A child should never be blamed because they didn’t ask to be born, they didn’t determine the circumstances of thier conception or birth no matter how unpleasant they were, they didn’t determine the handicaps they were born with, they are totally reliant on thier caregivers until they get to an age of accountability. Need I add more to this?

If you were that child that was blamed unjustly, be free today! It was not your fault. If you have a child that you blame, think again and apportion the blame where it truly belongs, then accept the child in your life and commit to giving them all that they need to make a success of thier lives. Please don’t burden a child with something that they had no control over, and do look out to help a child or a care giver locked within such situations.