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Too late to help

Have you ever thought about the fact that someone or something being late is a sign that help is needed? This is quite obvious especially for those known to have an impeccable record of punctuality. Late could mean they have a serious emergency, or are ill, or maybe hurt, or worse deceased. Even for the ardent late comer, there could be underlying issues causing thier lateness that have never been addressed.

Why not try delving a little deeper into the issue of lateness with yourself, but also with others on a personal and a professional level. Would you find procrastination, fear, lack of knowledge or awareness, illness, emotional turmoil, faulty business processes, having to do more than is possible, overwork, boredom, and much more to be the underlying issues?

If lateness is a sign that help is needed, then we should never be too late ourselves to help the ones we are judging for being late.