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Wanting to quit

They say winners never quit and quitters never win, but I have to caveat that with the question, what exactly do you want to win at? Frankly speaking, it is not every battle that is worth your while, and those that don’t mean anything to you are very easy to quit.

The things that border on your life and indeed the core of what you believe your purpose to be are very hard to quit. Just try holding your breath to stop the necessary flow of oxygen into your system so you can quit respiration, then you will understand that it is not that easy to quit.

Somehow, we keep fighting for the things that we truly believe to be our purpose. If we are fighting for the wrong things, then we are believing the wrong things. If we are not willing to fight at all, or we give up easily, then we possibly have stopped believing.

If it is easy for you to pack it up and quit, then maybe it wasn’t actually right for you in the first place. There is therefore nothing wrong in wanting to quit if it doesn’t fall in line with what you should be doing.