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Accepting myself

Robert Holden said, “No amount of self-improvement can make up for any lack of self-acceptance.” We usually try to do our best and work really hard so we can be like someone else, who we feel is more acceptable than we are. All such efforts soon weary us and we lose track of actually being the best we can be.

At the time I went through primary school, you had to be there for 6 years, then you would take entrance exams for the secondary schools you desired to attend. My parents allowed me to take the entrance exams in my 5th year and I passed it got got accepted into a prestigious secondary school.

It was a great feeling to be accepted seeing I was a year younger than everyone else who got admitted. Over the years, I have enjoyed that feeling of being accepted into various groups, institutions and bodies of various kinds. You too would have felt this same joy of being recognised for your achievements and being a partaker of the benefits of belonging to one of such bodies. All of that, as good as it may be, makes little difference to our level of fulfilment if we never come to accept ourselves.

The greatest acceptance one can have is to be accepted by ones own self. Those that have become great have accepted and embraced who they are, thier strengths, weaknesses, advantages and handicaps. Self-acceptance is the key to outstanding improvement and authentic change in ones life, which leads to greater achievements.