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Prediction vs attention

If there were someone who could accurately predict the future every time, we would probably all be in a very long queue trying to get some time with them so we could get a glimpse of what we hope to be a very bright future.

However, there is a level of insight we can get into the future when we learn to pay attention. One would be able to predict what would come out of an egg in the future if they took note of the animal that laid it today.

What are the things that have blindsided you? If take a look back at those situations, you will discover the distractions that kept you from reliably predicting the future. Your emotions are a key element that build up the fog that blocks our eyes. There are too many examples of people who ended up in toxic relationships as they failed to accurately interpret where it would end up due to strong feelings of affection for thier desired partner.

Get rid of your distractions, learn to look at situations objectively and take your emotions out of your quest to make a value judgement. Remember you need to pay attention to see further down the road. Take the time to do that and chances are you will end up on a much brighter path.