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Interpretation for interaction

The way we interpret life and the things around us will determine how we interact with it. Life is full of many signs which different people from different cultures and at different times have interpreted in a different way.

So, what could help our interpretation of the things we see? Understanding context is possibly one of the most important things we can learn. Things hardly happen without a precedence and a context. This also explains principles of cause and effect.

In marriage you come to understand that two people have very different contexts of love and life. My wife loves completing helpful tasks to show that she cares, I love spending time together either talking or in silence. Whenever I try to spend time with her and she goes off to do something helpful, I feel snubbed and resentful. Until we were able to interpret each others actions in terms of how we showed we cared, we were unable to interact in a way that was meaningful to each other.

Maybe it is time to rethink some of the difficult issues you are facing. Are you interpreting the situation correctly? Do you have the right context? Have you tried doing something differently based on a new understanding?

Get better at interpreting to become great at interacting.