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Dead man walking

We may have seen this in one of many American movies out there, where a condemned man walking from his prison cell to a place of execution has a herald announcing before him “Dead man walking!”

Those condemned to execution would be remembered for the heinous crimes they committed, and because of what they did they were made to face thier death. In other words, thier actions created what would define the final moments of thier walk to thier death.

It is not at the final moments of our lives that we become dead men (or women) walking. Right from when we are born, we are thrust onto the path that inevitable leads to demise, and to truly live is to embrace the reality of dying. The question is, when you take your final walk, what would be the memories of you leading down that path?

Every day we live, we have an opportunity to etch in time what would be etched on our epitaph. Live each day with the end in mind, for you have the opportunity to create what your life would have been with every single moment you have been blessed to live.