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Dealing with you

I read a book many years ago called Leadership and Self Deception, which drove home a very important point I have never forgotten. Sometimes the problem in a situation is actually you, and if you are not aware, you will keep looking for the problem externally and will never be able to solve it.

This is not about blaming yourself or focusing on what is wrong with you, it is more about being open to the possibility that you might need to change your belief, position, argument, theory or actions in order to be able to effectively deal with a challenging situation.

One way to deal with you is to see yourself through the eyes of others. So, be brave enough to ask people who you trust, and who are likely to tell you the truth, how they really see you. Do a 360 degree investigation, ask those you look up to, your colleagues and those that look up to you. It might amaze you how others are able to pick up on the very things you are unable and probably unwilling to see.

Take whatever feedback is given and sit down with yourself and come up with a plan to make the necessary adjustment to be a better version of yourself. It is not easy to do, but it is very worth it and could just be what you need to get from good to great.