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Successful as seed

The seed, even though it is a small thing compared to what comes out of it, is quite a successful entity. Every seed has in itself the code for everything that it should become and what it should produce.

The apple seed doesn’t strive to be like the almond seed, neither does the oak seed struggle to crawl like a vine. The seed looks into itself to pull out what it is meant to be – it’s purpose, and it takes what exists in its environment to help it grow that way. A strawberry plant is successful even though it grows at less than a foot, so it will not feel intimidated next to the Cedar tree which has an average height of 70 feet. Thier nature and purposes are different and so they cannot be compared.

We should learn some lessons from the seed in 2021 and look within to identify our purpose and then pull all we can from our environment to learn and to grow into what we are meant to be. Stop trying to be someone else, stop trying to fit into what is not you, but spend your time and energy manifesting the successful person you were meant to be.