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Caring for others matters

I watched a heart warming film today which reminded me of the importance of caring for others above all that we get consumed in, and that we feel is our purpose for existence.

Until Joe had an out of body experience and actually got to live a day outside of himself, he never realised just how caught up he was in fulfilling his dream such that he had never taken the time to actually listen to those around him. Through his journey, he discovered how selfish he really was as he had totally ignored what others around him were also aspiring to become, and he was willing to deny them of what they needed so he could get what he wanted.

When he came back to himself and finally attained a big part of his dream to perform with a prestigious band, the feeling of exhilaration was soon replaced with the ordinariness that he felt everyday. He finally understood that life was more than just living to achieve greatness, but that everyday was packed with opportunities for fulfilment by genuinely caring for and helping those around us.

As we pursue our ‘great’ purpose, let us remember that anything that we do that does not sincerely help our fellow man in the simplest way on a daily basis is not worth doing at all.