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I avoided the dentist as much as I could for most of my life but thankfully I was blessed with really good teeth so I have never had a cavity or anything like that. When I eventually visited the dentist, I was told I had gingivitis which caused slight bleeding on my gums due to the build up of plaque that had not been cleaned over the years. This was cleaned up and I was told I needed to have cleaning done regularly to keep my gums healthy.

We have been taught that with most things we use, we have to clean them up to get the best use out of them. Clothes need to be washed, cars, dishes, our bodies and the list goes on. So why do we associate washing the brain as something bad?

We cannot go through life and use our brains for all that we do and not seek an outlet to wash it so we can get the best out of it. The term brainwash is used to talk about a systematic reprogramming of the way people think about things usually to follow an agenda that is questionable. TV programs have been identified as a key way of accomplishing this.

I think we should all however go for a washed brain, where we declutter our minds from all programming that is damaging to the very fabric of how life was designed to be lived. For instance, honesty is always the best policy, so every programme that highlights the possibility of being successful by dodgy means needs to be expunged from our consciousness.

We do all need a brainwash, from the right perspective and for the right reasons.