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Being specific

I have been reminded all week about the power of being specific. The shortest distance between where you are now and where you want to be is the route determined by being specific. Be it your dinner, what to watch on TV, choice of clothes or where you would be by this time next year.

Th more specific you can be about it, the faster and more likely you are to get there. This is possibly the difference in the amount of time it takes a man and a woman to do thier shopping. Most men usually know what size and colour they are after, they go in, get it and leave. On the other hand, most women know what it is they want, but they are not convinced about sizes, colours, fits etc. so they spend much more time sorting these out before they buy.

Are you experiencing any delay in what you are expecting to happen in your life? Perhaps you need to check if your expectations were based on very specific outcomes, and if not, it is not too late to visit them again and define what you are looking to achieve in very clear, smart goal statements.