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Disappointed with myself

It is one thing for people to be disappointed with you, I mean it is bad to have let others down, but whatever they may feel may not be quite accurate. For instance, someone could have expectations of you that you are totally unaware of. They are not necessarily strangers, for even in a marriage, spouses still grapple with misplaced expectations largely because they were not communicated.

On the other hand, self disappointment is very accurate, because you know what you intended, what you expected and then how you acted. It can be quite demoralising when you make up your mind to start doing something, or to stop it, and then you fail at the first hurdle. It is even more demoralising when you get back up again having learnt your lessons, and on your next attempt, you fall flat on your face again, either at the first hurdle or at the second.

It is wholesome advice to not beat yourself up for a couple of reasons, first is that you are actually aware that you need to change, a lot of people don’t even have that, and second is that you are trying and actually care that you become successful at it.

As with everything else in life, it takes time to produce something of satisfactory quality, this could sometimes mean several attempts to bring it up to scratch. So don’t be hard on yourself when you miss the mark, dust yourself up, re-strategize, plan, and then act in ways that will pull you closer to your desired end.